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Minimalism, functionality, engineering thought and a simple elegant image - it was by these criteria that the visual design language of the Twins project was created. Very often, when coming up with a concise design, it seems that everything has already been invented in the past. However, that's not the case.
In the Twins project, the image of a ball was taken as a basis - this is a symbol of our planet, the sun and one of the most mesmerizing forms for humans. The glowing ball became the beginning of the lamp and its end, locking both ends of the lamp. For this, important technical solutions were invented, an LED tape was used on a hexagonal metal base. It was all covered with a matte ball and the driver hidden in the ceiling, creating a concise design with no visual noise. The collection can be developed to infinity: in the form of suspended lamps, light systems, wall lamps, etc. There are also options for a lamp with a replaceable lamp and a driver located in a glass ball.

Moreover, you can use the wifi light control system and create different light scenarios. For example, a hanging lamp can create a general lighting separately with the upper ball, and a lower ball can illuminate the area for operation. And the inclusion of both balls creates bright lighting, for example, during cleaning of the room. You can also create different color temperatures. The top ball can create warm lighting for the atmosphere at the top, while the bottom ball is neutral for work. The same can be done with light systems with a large number of balls.

The length of the wires is adjustable for each interior and luminaire function.
The Twins project is not just a lamp, but a light system with limitless use cases with adjustment of the luminous flux force and color temperature. All this allows you to create an infinite number of light scenarios for a room with different functionality and decorative effects.


Lead Designer Alexey Danilin Visualizer Dmitry Cherednikov

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