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The sixth sense

The lighting amp was developed under the influence of the research that was about the concept of proprioception.

In search of inspiration, we turned to the concept of the «sixth sense» - because the ideas of only five sensory organ systems are not actually scientifically confirmed. Scientists have repeatedly strived to explore other senses. And it's not about intuition. Such feeling like proprioception (or kinesthesia) helps us to dispose ourselves in space. In 2016, Alexander Chelzer with colleagues from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (USA, Bethesda)   revealed the function of the PIEZO2 gene. It is related with tactile sensations and coordination. A person with normal level of PIEZO2 understands where and how his body is located in space in case if his eyes are closed. For example, he will be able to grope his way to the door in the dark. On the contrary, people whose PIEZO2 functions poorly or is absent at all cannot perform simple actions with their closed eyes, for example, touch the tip of their nose with their hand. Therefore, we decided to develop a lamp with a simplified control system and lightweight construction so that a person could use it by touch without seeing it and without getting distracted from his studies. Regardless of  level his PIEZO2 genes.

Wishing to create a lamp with a simplified control system and lightweight construction, for people with different proprioception level we started with the base of the lamp - it is made in the form of a cross, precisely the shape that allows you to place the lamp in the most convenient place of the room: right next to the workplace, bed or sofa, and most importantly it can be placed between different furniture, which is not allowed by standard designs in the form of a circle, rectangle or several legs of a floor lamp.There are also interesting non-standard options for using the lamp. For example, you can use several lamps side by side, as close as possible, thanks to the base. And create partitions from them for zoning some space. And, of course, interesting compositions for decoration.

Later in the design process, we decided to get rid of unnecessary details that may interfere with use. Therefore, the base is a single part of the electrical system of the floor lamp and the wire comes out therefrom. To facilitate the control system, we placed the switches above the shades and not at the bottom of the lamp, so that they are located at the arm’s length when he is sitting on a chair or an armchair. Or at the level of a person's angled arms when he is standing. Moreover, in the floor lamp there are two shades with a moderate luminous flux. Each of them is turning on separately. Thanks to this, a person can select the level of illumination in just one or two movements, unlike certified switches, which require more time and attention to use.

Developing the production technology, we introduced some changes that were not foreseen at the initial stage. Firstly, we made the floor lamp collapsible in order to guarantee the integrity of its delivery and save materials for packaging, and for the rational use of natural resources. We also initially wanted to make it in glossy black color. But after the production of the prototype, we decided to change it to matte black with shagreen. To make it more pleasant to the touch and more practical to use.

We turn our attention to the design of the switches so that turning on and off is simple and pleasant, it is feels so nice for a person to touch and hear a harmonious click. In addition, we initially decided to use LED boards so that a person does not have to change the light bulb. But in order for the LEDs not to be visible. We paid special attention to the quality of frosted glass. As well as its durability, so that people can use it for many years, even if they move or change the zoning of the premises.
Height 1500 mm, width 320 mm, depth 278 mm. Metal, frosted glass, LED.

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Lead Designer - Alexey Danilin

Engineer - Nikita Morozov

Product Manager - Natalia Danilova

Assistant Product Manager - Karim Tabishchev

Visualizer - Dmitry Cherednikov

Foto - Pavel Dunaev

Brand - Maytoni GmbH


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