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An ancient Thai temple architecture became the inspiration for the Bangkok collection. These religious structures, called Watas, reflect the principles of the Buddhist universe about the ghostly nature of life and the earthly world. This is expressed in the tiered construction of vat. Between each tier there are special breaks that serve as light windows, which fill the center of the temple with light and illuminate the sacred relic. The Bangkok collection was created using the principles of this tiered design.

Since the tiered design of Thai architecture was taken as the basis, lamps consist of two or three glass elements. The basis for the silhouettes of the lamps was taken by Wat Phrakeu, or the temple of the "Emerald Buddha" in Bangkok. However, they were stylized in more concise topical forms, in a way that the lamp is completely illuminated by light flux, like the interior of Thai temples. LED boards covered with matte diffusers were used at the top and bottom in order to create diffuse soft lighting.

When selecting materials, the materials of Thai architecture were analyzed. Externally, temples are often covered with glossy gold. Thanks to this, an interesting play of light and glare appears. Therefore, glossy tinted glass was chosen. In such a way, the lamps on all sides are covered with bright highlights. A luminaire with transparent glass was also created to create compositions from luminaires with transparent and tinted glass.

The lamps are presented in three designs so that they fit together and resemble temple complexes. In addition the principle of customization of elements was applied in them. Some of the elements in them are repeated in order to reduce environmental damage in mold manufacturing.


Brand Maytoni GmbH

Lead Designer Alexey Danilin

Engineer Nikita Morozov

Product Manager Elena Slivka

Product Manager Assistant Anastasia Orlova

Foto Pavel Dunaev

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