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The Hourglass is a pendant light with the elegant and friendly ability to adjust the brightness of the light. The acrylic glass lamp shade with a gradient from clear to white and a wire cutout allows you to flip it with one movement of your hand. Thanks to this, it shines around itself or directs the light down. The shape of the lamp resembles an hourglass - a symbol of the transience of time. Nevertheless, the lamp is very durable, as it is made of plastic with IP protection and a regular replaceable lamp. Thanks to this, its service life can be decades, and its laconic design will never go out of fashion. The lamp is very laconic and, due to its design, lacks fasteners and bolts. The Hourglass project can be a universal solution for thousands of people as it can be used at home and on the street.


Lead Designer Alexey Danilin Visualizer Dmitry Cherednikov

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