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The collection is about the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica. They were famous for their jewelry art, often made of gold. This metal was not precious or currency for them, unlike the Europeans of the time. In some Mesoamerican cultures jewelry had ritual and religious meaning. In addition, they often shared a similar silhouette in the form of an inverted crescent moon. This is why this shape was the basis for the Maya collection. The luminaires not only have a characteristic gold color, but they are framed on both sides by glass with a polygonal ornamentation. The many facets refract the light stream and create a great number of spectacular reflections. This effect symbolizes the precious stones used to decorate the jewelry of the ancient Americans. The collection is made of a pendant luminaire, which is suspended on two wires. These are brought together by a decorative cylindrical element, creating an elegant silhouette. And also, the two wires make it possible to hang the light fixture in the best possible angle when mounted. This collection also offers a wall luminaire with a similar design.


Brand Maytoni GmbH 

Lead Designer Alexey Danilin

Engineer Nikita Morozov

Product Manager Natalia Danilova

Product Manager Elena Slivka

Product Manager Assistant Karim Tabichev

Product Manager Assistant Anastasia Orlova

Foto Vlad Buk

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