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integrated lamp

This is an integrated lamp in the wall, all parts of which are located inside the wall, thanks to which the illusion of a voluminous gliding table lamp is created. The object resembles an apparition, we see it, but it is in a different plane.
The inspiration for creating this lamp was a desire to design an object that will erect emotions and associations in people with ancient culture. The inspiration for choosing technology was the ancient city of Petra, which was carved into a rock, while the inspiration for the appearance of the lamp was Orthodox Byzantine churches, which are concise and restrained from the outside, and inside are decorated with gold mosaics and decor.
The lamp consists of two versions of materials. The first is brass. It consists of metal. The outer side is laid in primer in order to to paint it later. LEDs are located above and below: from above with a wide scattering angle, and from below with a narrow one. A touch sensor is located at the bottom in order to adjust power by one touch.
Second lamp is made of another material, but it was developed on the same principle. However, it is supposed to be made of gypsum in order to reduce the cost of the design and allow to paint the lamp in any color.


Designer - Alexey Danilin

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