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A table lamp of paradoxical design, inspired by the classics of Italian design.

The prototype for this table lamp was the famous Atollo lamp, created in 1977 by Vico Magistretti - the maestro of Italian architecture and design. So in my design I decided to combine simple geometric shapes with modern LED technology.

What makes the luminaire stand out is the technical paradox.

The luminaire base, which for centuries was intended to have a light source on top of it, has itself become a light source. This was achieved thanks to a metal hexagonal base, with LED strips on its edges. The base itself was covered by a frosted acrylic diffuser. The luminaire shade is no longer intended to cover or dim the light source, rather to disperse the luminous flux horizontally. This is to achieve optimum illumination of the working area on the desk or the reading area at bedside.

The name of the luminaire reminds us of the his meaning. The simple shapes help it harmonise with different interior styles. And about the materials: black with shagreen and matt acrylic make it very practical to use.


Brand Maytoni GmbH

Lead Designer Alexey Danilin

Engineer Nikita Morozov

Product Manager Elena Slivka

Product Manager Assistant Karim Tabichev

Foto Vlad Buk

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