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The collection of Rebel is called in honor of modern British-Indian sculptor - Anish Kapoor. She is known as a revolutionary from the world of art. This famous "rebel" is known for mirror smooth sculptures. Having preserved this style, I developed the unique form of the lamp reminding vortex quantum model of our Universe. Such form from cosmology is closest to spirit of a modern sculpture. This is a lamp interesting in terms of an engineering thought. It allows to arrange a light source in the form of the LED plates closed by the matt lens. It allows to create a soft light stream pleasant to a person. This design also allows to arrange tinted semi-mirror decorative glasses from above and from below. They almost mirror when the lights are turned-off, and they seem almost transparent when the lights are on. Patches of light and smooth reflections of surrounding space very are picturesquely reflected in them.


Brand – Maytoni GmbH

Lead Designer - Alexey Danilin

Engineer - Nikita Morozov

Product Manager - Natalia Danilova

Assistant Product Manager - Karim Tabishchev

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