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Marine inhabitants often use shells to change the functions of their bodies. I wanted to use that principle for the couch. By applying a little fantasy, a person can change it and turn into other pieces of furniture. This ability gives positive emotions, and it may be very useful when changing the design or functionality of the room so that a person can use the sofa again. Repeated use of furniture has a great impact on the environment.

Project "Shell" is a modern approach to furniture design. The main principle is the multi-functionality of the sofa. It can change due to the flexible back. The traditional design of the sofa is transformed into a lounge sofa, double-sided sofa, or ottoman. The ability of transformation will generate a positive emotional response in children and adults. The color solution of the series is suitable for current interiors: white and gray version with accent gold pillows for interiors in the style of New Retro; and the dark gray version with bright red pillows for interiors in the style of minimalism.

A person can have a totally new experience interacting with this piece of furniture. You can use a couple of movements to move the back of the sofa and transform it depending on what you need at the moment: to meet guests, sit down or take a nap.

Functions: 1. For public spaces in which various events are often held (schools, colleges, shopping centers, exhibition centers). 2. And also for residential small spaces, with the need to change the functions of the room. 3. For standard and large living spaces, so that the design of the sofa allows reuse when changing the design.

Designer - Alexey Danilin

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