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Silhouettes is a project of a table lamp. The idea of a lamp was developed from the principle of a national Russian toy - Matryoshka, in which the general shape is repeated on a different scale of the object. In the silhouette of the lamp, the image of a traditional table lamp was taken as the basis, but it was stylized as more rounded Matryoshka shapes.

Due to this idea, firstly, we got a product with everyone can change according to his or her desire and interact with it in a game form. And secondly, in the form, the lamp becomes more compact and requires less packaging and therefore, fewer logistics costs, which is very important for the environment.
A key feature of the lamp is its design solution at the base of the structure, in which, despite the different scale of metal "silhouettes," all elements stand in the same plane, and therefore the lamp is very stable.


Lead Designer - Alexey Danilin

Engineer - Nikita Morozov

Product Manager - Anna Halina

Visualizer - Sergey Buldygin

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