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wall lamp - transformer

Synthesis is the process of connecting previously disparate entities into a whole. This principle was used to develop a lamp. It combines the motifs of modern art, a man-centric approach and light reflection technologies. The inspiration of modern art was the work of the sculptor Santiago Villanueva. The man-centric design was expressed through the ability to transform the lamp to the needs of each person. And light technologies made it possible to calculate the strength of the luminous flux and the effect of reflections on galvanized glass. This will create a gradient resembling a candle flame.
Synthesis (meaning ancient Greek "connection) — a process of connection or association of things or concepts earlier being segmental in whole. Synthesis is a way to collect whole of functional parts. This philosophical concept became a basis for design of the lamp.
It all started with learning about modern sculptors. Researches in this area led me to works of the modern Spanish artist - Santiago Villanueva, who creates the Art filled with duality, which is brought by language of feelings and language of matter. These works bring simple visual pleasure and tactile experience. He makes an accent on stimulating desire, to tempt us sensually to get into an object and to perceive emotions which it offers. Therefore, I decided to make the lamp resembling smooth sculptures superficially using the hanging wires. 
The second element of the research turned out to be a man-oriented approach, thanks to which I studied the question - how people use lamps.
Moreover, I realized that that for comfortable life it is necessary to create an opportunity to change the lamp according to the needs of each person. Therefore, I came up with a system. Each person can create a composition he or she likes. And the same, this person can mount the lamp both to a wall, and to a ceiling. Thereby it becomes absolutely universal in use.
The third element is the research in the field of light technologies. With them, it is possible to calculate a light stream and its reflections on surfaces. Therefore, in its design, I used glass with electroplated coating, which has a mirror effect when its turned off, and translucent when the light is on. Having placed glass on the middle of the lamp and having illuminated it from below with LED, and having calculated reflections on glass and force of a light stream, I created the effect of a gradient similar to a candle flame. This decorative effect is intended for creation of pleasant associations in the user.
Having gathered these three elements, the multipurpose lamp with a possibility to adopt to its user, the lamp with allows for decorative bright effect of a gradient on glass which resembles natural motives and heat of home.


Brand Maytoni GmbH

Lead Designer Alexey Danilin

Engineer Nikita Morozov

Product Manager Natalia Danilova

Product Manager Assistant Karim Tabichev

Foto Vlad Buk

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