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Negative events of recent years, such as a pandemic, war and economic problems have significantly affected people's lives. Therefore, I decided to create an object that will create positive emotions and associative array in people. It's all about creating a sense of calm at home and at work. In order to do this, I took my favorite tourist card from the island of Mallorca depicting the sunset at sea. And in such a way, I decided to turn it into a table lamp using modern technology.

Firstly, I decided to use the capabilities of LED lighting. I designed a hexagonal base that housed two groups of RGB LED tapes. Thanks to this, one group shines up, creating cold lighting, and the second shines down and creates warm lighting. This creates a sunset effect. I closed this structure with a matte glass ball. And the light became soft, and a gradient of different colors appeared. In order to simulate the water surface, I created a smooth acrylic element. It holds the ball and the effect of weightlessness is created. This element is completely designed in proportions. In it, the height, width and dimensions of each element are related to each other. This principle was taken from Divina Proportione, which tells about the ideal proportions in nature and science.
The ball is located in the middle of the acrylic element and, with the help of two groups of LEDs, bisects the element with cold and warm lighting, emitting sunset. Moreover, the laconic design of the acrylic element allows you to get rid of visual noise. 

The color of the acrylic glass may vary. In the main version, it is transparent in order to achieve the "sunset" effect. You can also use tinted dark glass. In this case, the lamp will look like a magnetic liquid and look futuristic. Moreover, glass can be made of skin color. Then it will resemble the shapes of the human body, and create romantic associations.


Lead Designer Alexey Danilin Visualizer Dmitry Cherednikov

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