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Due to the pandemic that began in 2020, people started to spend much more time at home. As a result, our home began to perform more functions. However, our space was not ready to be for us both an office, a restaurant, a cinema, or a gym. Therefore, a series of lamps was developed that can change the zoning of our home. TRICK is the lamps that can create common scattered lighting or turn with the help of magnetic holders into a directional light source to the work area or dining table.

With the help of these lamps, you can create a more comfortable living environment at home, even in a small area. People will be able to change the purpose of a room with such a lamp using a couple of hand movements. For example, to set up a remote workplace, to meet guests at a large table, or free up space for sports activities. The collection can also be useful for use in cafes - to change lighting for combining tables for a large company or to change the zoning of office premises.

TRICK also has a unique design. In both variants, the lamps consist of arcs, each of which is a metal profile with an LED tape inside and an acrylic matte diffuser. At the end of each arc, there are magnets by means of which they can form a circle for scattered lighting. Moreover, with the help of a pair of hand movements and a pair of magnets in the body of the lamp, they can create a composition of their arches with a vertical filled glow.

The basis for the shape of future lamps was a circle, as the main symbol of light, and the arcs that make up the circle. Alternating arcs are considered a classic technique in ancient architecture and decorative art.


Designer - Alexey Danilin

Brand – Maytoni GmbH 

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