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Product designer. Winner of over 50 design awards. Designed several hundred lamps for mass production.


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The basic magic of natural objects and materials is one of the most ancient intuitive senses that people experience since the pre-historic age. Gifts of nature were fully used to elevate the look and feel of the day-to-day reality. Accessories, decorations, and unique treasures were supposed to protect, encourage luck, bring love, comfort, and joy. We combined the sacral images of African josses and the most modern lighting technologies.

Supersymmetry is a smart, sophisticated lighting fixture that allows the user to toggle between work and rest with a simple move and magnetic click. It is designed to transform from a vertical source of soft diffused light to a horizontal source of concentrated functional light for work, creation, and close communication. The viability of a home-centered life approach, as supersymmetry in and of itself, needs to be tested experimentally in a post-pandemic world. The mission is to develop lighting solutions that can guide people through it, as well as finely detailed appliances that can help with zoning and adaptability of living spaces to accommodate various scenarios.

Collection of transformer lamps that allow the purpose and zoning of any space to be altered with a few simple configurations. Its metal arc profile is inspired by the idea that the circle is the primary symbol of light, as well as the classical technique of alternating arcs in applied architectural and decorative art.  Magnetic holders at the ends of the metal arcs allow the lamps to be combined in different configurations to form a circle of scattered light or vertically-filled glow as needed. As a result, the lamps can achieve a general distributed lighting effect or a focused directional light source through various permutations. The magnetic holders also provide users with a tactile interactive experience. 

This modular, multifunctional couch is inspired by Art Deco forms and the seabed. The sofa is wrapped by a 'sink', of which design and functionality can be changed. The color scheme and couch form are developed into two versions. The first version is set in a white and grey retro style with an emphasis on brass elements. The second version is set in dark grey and black, modern style with bright red accessories. This object allows the user to change its design and functionality and hence, change the mood of the room along with it.